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ZetoChain & ZetoLabel

ZetoChain will transform current practices and methodologies in cold chain management, offering a level of transparency that will become an industry standard, and bringing unparalleled cost and time efficiencies to a hyper-competitive industry.

ZetoChain increases transparency and trust

  • Significantly improving food safety standards
  • Increasing customer trust through improved communication and transparency
  • Reducing the risk to brand reputation
  • Increasing transparency and trust between all parties in the cold chain
  • Minimizing the risk of a PR scandal, such as selling produce that has been defrosted and refrozen

ZetoChain prevents waste and saves money

  • Minimizing product waste or recalls by highlighting issues in the cold chain via real-time alerts, and allowing preventative measures to be taken
  • Preventing retail losses by being able to verify the safe handling of produce, rather than imposing an "if in doubt, throw it out" policy

ZetoChain imporves the efficiency of the cold chain, and compliance with food safety standards

  • Automating human tasks such as temperature monitoring and recording
  • Implementing targeted cold chain management strategies, e.g. produce with the shortest shelf life in a distribution center goes to the nearest supermarket
  • Providing traceability in seconds rather than weeks
  • Removing the risk of tampering with records in the cold chain by using tamper-resistant enclosures, data encryption, and blockchain smart contracts
  • Implementing near real-time recording, reporting, and investigating of issues
  • Meeting ever-tightening government food safety regulations (HACCP, FSMA, FSIS) and easily adapting to regulatory changes

Food Processor

Tracks food temperatures throughout the processing chain in real time and at departure.


Tracks product temperatures while in transit in real time and at time of arrival.


Tracks storage temperatures of products in warehouse and at time of departure.


Tracks food temperatures in cold storage trucks and at the delivery point.


Tracks storage temperatures of refrigeration equipment.

Zeto Coin Allocation

  • Sale Duration: July 9th to 31st
  • Token Type: Ethereume ERC20
  • Purchas Method: ETH
  • Total Token Supply: 340M ZetoTokens
  • Crowd sale Supply: 150M ZetoTokens
  • Pre-Sale: 40.8M ZetoTokens
  • Bounty:8.5M ZetoTokens
  • Private Investors: 24.7M ZetoTokens
  • Reserved for Zeto:116M ZetoTokens
  • Price: $1 / 10 Tokens
  • Fundraising Goal

  • Private Investors: 24.7M
  • Pre-Sale: 40.8M
  • ICO: 150M ZETO

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Our Team

Stephen Slattery


Stephen has led Zeto since its foundation in 2011. Having qualified as an Electronic and Computer Engineer, he worked with a corporate software company where he gained an insight into the IoT world. He founded Zeto in 2011 on the back of these experiences. His vision is to bring the benefits of IoT and blockchain technologies to the Cold chain.

Tom Kelleher

Sales Director

Tom has over 20 years experience in various International Sales and Marketing management roles. He has worked with blue chip companies in the Retail, Dairy and the Pharma industry. He has built teams to facilitate the scaling of products and services in a global market. He joined Zeto in 2016.

Jonathan Harrington


Jonathan has over 13 years of experience in the financial and telecomms industries working on hardware and software platforms at technical and leadership levels. For the past 5 years he has led the Zeto R&D team as they have built the refrigeration industries leading IoT solution.

Michael Slattery


Michael has 40 years experience working with industrial equipment as an engineer. Primarily running his own business dealing with the dairy, health and food sector. He foresaw the revolution in IoT and has been working since 2009 building smart refrigeration systems establishing Zeto in 2011.

Ronan Meagher

Programme Manager

A highly motivated individual with over 19 years in Program and Project Management, Software Team Lead and Development experience. Ronan has spent his entire career either directly or indirectly within the Tier-1 Telecommunications sector, he brings a wealth of expertise in delivering large-scale Enterprise and IoT solutions.

Brian Daly

Product Manager

Brian joined Zeto in 2015 and brings over 10 years of experience building software products. His technical background coupled with his knowledge of the food industry ensures that Zeto are to fore of the sector.

Shane Breatnach

Senior Engineer

Shane has over 15 years of experience as a software developer in myriad businesses, building mobile games, websites and backend services. With Zeto, he has been working for several years on the bleeding edge of commercial IoT, delivering stable, reliable products for the food retail industry.

Ryan Wray

Senior Engineer

Ryan is an experienced full-stack software engineer. He has helped design and develop software that empowers Zeto’s retail IoT offering, working from end-devices up to user experience, and everything in between. He is excited about the new possibilities the blockchain and related technologies offer.

James Troy

Software Engineer

James has over 20 years experience in engineering, business and technology. He is part of a cutting edge development team at Zeto. For the past three years he has been involved in building the infrastructure around the Zeto IoT platform. He has a keen interest in new and emerging technologies.

Brian Twohig

Software Engineer

Brian is currently working as an intern at Zeto. Studying Computer Science in UCC, Brian is interested in all things tech, from mobile technology to artificial intelligence, quantum computing and Blockchain. Brian is an avid game designer with strong Javascript and user interface design skills.

Abhir Phadte

Marketing Specialist

Abhir is currently pursuing a MSc in Management and Marketing at UCC with digital marketing as focus of his study. Abhir has a keen interest in technology and Cryptocurrencies and is helping with our ICO marketing efforts.

William Bradley


William is an experienced chartered accountant and Director. He has a proven background managing the financial function for start-ups and mature businesses alike.

Kieran Moynihan


Kieran is a dynamic experienced non-executive board director, global executive and entrepreneur with an outstanding track record over his 26 year career. Kieran has over 18 years experience serving on boards as a CEO & executive director, non-executive director and Chairman.

Dr. Liam Kelly

Non Executive Director

Liam (Phd. Physics, University of California) is a former University Professor, CEO and serial entrepreneur. Following a successful career in microelectronic research, he founded and led two highly successful startups. He now provides guidance and leadership to innovative young companies.

Elliott Griffin

Non Executive Director

Elliott is a chartered accountant and a Director of the highly successful Venture Capital firm BVP, an early investor in a number of innovative cutting edge technology companies.

Our Advisors

Barry O'Connor

Blockchain Advisor

Barry is a passionate proponent of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies and sees it as being the key to unlocking future sustainability across many sectors. Barry is an experienced consultant having worked with multiple blue chip companies throughout his career.

Eric Willis

Blockchain Advisor

Eric is the founder of Prechain Capital, a crypto-fund with a focus on early-stage blockchain ventures and Initial Coin Offerings. Eric says "There is nothing I love more than working on different products with a great team. I love startups and products. I literally dream about them"

Tracey Coffey

Food Safety Advisor

Tracey has a BSc. in Environmental Health and is a certified auditor and trainer in Food Safety. Tracey is currently a Senior Food Safety Consultant with FSEI providing support and guidance in every link of the food supply chain.

John Dennehy

HR Advisor

Having worked as a founder or co-founder in Internet and media companies for almost twenty years, John is now founder and Executive Chairman of Zartis.com. An early Bitcoin investor, John also has an avid interest in Blockchain technologies.

Support & Partnerships

Nimbus Research Centre Prechain Capital Prechain Capital

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